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Military Parade in front of Romanian Parliament Palace

Romania’s Map, Geography, and Infrastructure

LOCATION Romania is vibrant latin country located in South Eastern part of Europe, down by the Black Sea. 5 NEIGHBORS, 3 MAIN PROVINCES (UNOFFICIAL), 41 COUNTIES (OFFICIAL) Romania is split in three unofficial provinces: Transilvania (the green one), Moldova (the red one), and Valachia (the blue one). Officialy Romania is

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Easter Red Eggs

Romanian Easter traditions

Unlike Catholic/Protestant Western Europe, Romanians observe the Greek Orthodox Easter which usually falls one week after the Catholic Easter. Sometimes the time in between the two Easters is greater. The Holy week in the Romanian Orthodox calendar starts with Palm Sunday (Florii) and ends with the Monday after Easter. Traditionally

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Christmas fair in Sibiu, Romania

Romanian winter traditions

It starts looking a lot like Christmas right around December 6th in Romania. On the night before St Nicholas’ Day, all the children polish their boots in the hopes that St Nicholas will visit them and drop some candy and sometimes toys too in the boots. Except for the sweets

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The Romanian Sfinx in Bucegi Mountains

Must see places in Romania

BEST CASTLES Bran (finished building in 1388) Corvin (laid out in 1446) Peles (neo Renaissance castle built between 1873 and 1914) BEST MEDIEVAL TOWNS AND VILLAGES Sighisoara (the best preserved medieval town in Europe; dates back from 12th century; World Heritage Site on UNESCO’s list) Brasov (Kronstadt – the crown

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